Welcome to the Department of Chemical Engineering at Dedan Kimathi University of Technology (DeKUT). Chemical engineers create the chemical and physical processes for many things that we use including food, pharmaceuticals and energy. They work in wide number of industries.

Additionally, chemical engineers are at the forefront addressing current technological challenges in health, energy and the environment.

We are one of a handful of programs offering undergraduate degrees in Chemical or Process Engineering in Kenya. Our goal is to produce graduates who are uniquely able to address the developmental challenges of Kenya in a sustainable manner and is in line with the mission of DeKUT of being a premier technological university in Kenya. To achieve, this goal we have developed a world class Bachelor of Science program that immerses students in creative problem solving, hands-on-learning, engagement with our environment and industrial experiences.

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering at DeKUT offers students solid preparation for professional work in development, design, and operation of chemical products and processes. This degree is geared towards those students who foresee a career in applied chemical sciences and related industries. The program offers an opportunity for students to gain a foundation in the core chemistry concepts and the manufacture of chemical products, such as pharmaceuticals, polymers, foods, beverages and petrochemical. In addition to a strong foundation in the chemical engineering, students gain problem-solving and analytical skills through laboratory exercises and the ability to collaborate with faculty on research projects.

Careers are available in industry, government, consulting, and education. Areas of professional work include research and development, operations, technical service, product development, process and plant design, market analysis and development, process control, and pollution abatement.

The entry requirements for the program are at least a mean grade of C+ and a minimum of C+ in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics.

To learn more about our department contact codchemicalengineering@dkut.ac.ke